about Me

I'm a UI Designer and Front End & Back End Developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.When I'm not coding or pushing pixels or editing pictures, you'll find me in the gym or road trips or playing guiter.

I play guiter for nothing. Sometimes things think that it would be better if were a super mutant. I chew around minimum a pieces of gum per day. Love to teach to my students. Believe that your focus becomes your reality. I like to spend sometime with my creator(Allah). My T-shirts are quite long. I love classical , melodious , soft rock music I just don't like the theoritical aspects. Like to walk rather run, may be falling down but don't want to stopped before death .

Seriously? Do you guys think that i was studied quietly. you're wrong man. I like the novel, story and poetry books more than the textbooks. I'm so dumb in theory you know! I love my mobile, laptop(desktop also), guiter and my books(without textbooks) more than the textbooks.

By the way, don't know however I've completed my B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) from IBAIS University (Bangladesh) in 2015. Now I am working as a web develper with php platform.

Achieved 6 months of internship and working experience in two project as a web developer from BJIT LTD.(Bangladesh)

In Bionic System (Bangladesh), worked for 1 year as a Project Leader.

Working as a free-lancer for 4 years with many clients from various cuontry. Developed systems like School Management System, Product Management System, Hospital Management System, Online Course Registration and Accounts Management Systems etc. Designed ad Built sites like Personal Portfolios, Ecommerce weebsites,both Static and Dynamic websites etc.


I have a little knowledge in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql, Photoshop and Illustrator etc...


PHP, MySql


Team Member's info will be publish soon after they paying me by their informations.